What’s The Limit?

I’m watching the Real Housewives of Atlanta Reunion Part II encore as we speak. I’ve been preparing for this week’s blog, thinking what to blog about this week.

The altercation between Porsha Williams & Kenya Moore was messed up… let’s be real. It was messed up for Kenya Moore to be pushed to the ground, hair pulled in front of millions of people so to speak. But honestly, I felt even more for Porsha. She said it herself, “I’ve embarrassed myself! I let her get to me!” In fact Porsha was right, she let Kenya get to her, and in the worst way.

What happened between Porsha & Kenya happens to us in our everyday lives… how you may ask?

Ever had that one person, that “villain” who always gets under your skin? That one person who will antagonize you and instigate an argument like no other. This person can be a co-worker, boss, or even a family member. Unfortunately, I’ve had all three people serve as villains. I’ve had that “limit” that “breaking point” where things got so intense, I’ve ran away in tears; I could not help it. It was either I run away and hide in tears, or I smack someone. Personally, I’d rather run away from the situation at that moment than smack someone in the face and regret it, but also deal with the consequences.

I cannot imagine what was going on in Porsha’s mind. All the things she has been going through: her divorce, things people say online, and someone antagonizing her… of course she exploded! I believe it when she told Bravo Host Andy Cohen that she “just blacked out.” Yes when someone is that angry, that happens; I’ve been there! I feel that Porsha had no time to cool down, to “run away” from the situation and that’s why she exploded.

I was thinking of what I’ve been through, of the situations that my loved ones have been through, and I’ve thought of ways that maybe situations like those could be prevented in the future:

  • Talk To Someone: When things get rocky for me, I talk to people who I trust. I speak to my grandmother and my mother and ask them for advice. Even if I may not like what they say, it feels good just to vent. I know my mother and grandmother have lots of life experiences and I trust their opinions. I also speak to my best friends and my boyfriend because I know they have my back and they always provide a fresh prospective.
  • Social Media Filter: I’m guilty of this, but venting on social media isn’t always the best thing, especially when the person who you are feeling a certain way  is following you on facebook, twitter, instagram, etc. Try very hard not to compose posts directed at them. If there are people whose posts are bothering you that badly, facebook has the “unfollow” option which I will tell you, saved me from being utterly annoyed tonight.
  • Talking It Out: If you feel that you have to talk it out, then maybe you should confront that person. I believe that one prospers more with sugar than with vinegar. Approach the person… go get a cup of coffee, not liquor as it could cause things to further escalate. Be forthright and convey to the person why you are feeling this way and how the situation could be fixed. If the relationship cannot be salvaged, then there’s definitely that option of not having to be around each other or if it’s a family matter, agree to be cordial and move on.
  • Block &/Or Unfriend: Sometimes, blocking and unfriending is the best option. There are those who we can’t be friends with and we’re probably not meant to be friends with. My mother tells me all the time… not everything nor everyone is important. Being an outgoing person, that’s a hard adage to follow. I always want to talk to people and be friends with them. But also I had to realize who is really my friend and who will really have my back. Unfortunately, I’m not friends with some people anymore, but it’s best that way. I’ve found that by not speaking with certain people, I’m definitely less stressed out. I don’t need to unnecessary stress in my life.


I’d like to think that we are all the protagonists whose lives serve as the plot of our story. It is up to us to determine which characters will be in our plots and also their degree of importance. What’s most important is that we learn from our mistakes and from those around us. It’s those life decisions that serve as lessons.


Until next week!

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One thought on “What’s The Limit?

  1. I agree and those are very strong points. but the thing is Porsha was provoked. Kenya had no right to put those things in her face and instigate situations… I hold the producers of the show responsible. reality TV producers are out to get money, they wanna boost up their ratings by adding little fights. They tell one person to do stupid things to achieve these high ratings. Real housewives of ATL producers knew what they were doing, by pushing Kenya to bring those stupid things to the show and to say stupid things… Even so listen to Andy’s questions to the girls. They were designed to start a fight, hate, anger etc. among the girls, but it got out of hand by Porsha snapping… reality shows have projected a negative thought of fun, excitement and aspiration… they show rich ppl, and show them fighting, and saying that they are better than the next person etc. and the american ppl watch this thinking this is the life, this is what I wanna be like. And now you have violence in the world… great job reality TV, great job…. PS NENE is smart now, she knows she has money and really don’t need that job so she keeps it 100, and stays to herself. I love her responses on the reunion show and on the regular shows…

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